Toluca Labor Day Future Committee

President Jim Ghiglieri
Vice President Rick Alden
Treasurer Korey Cook
Parade Kass Overocker, Carla O’Connor & Tim O’Connor
Parade Announcers Jim Ghiglieri and John Lauf
Entertainment Judi Jesse & Rick Alden
Advertising & Booklet Layout Dwight Aussieker
Booklet Ads Roanna Richard, Chelsey Faw, Kari Dalton, & Jessica Forrest
Beer Tent Jenni DeRubeis
Set-up, Clean-up Toluca’s “Army of Volunteers”
Bocce Ball Tournament Toni and Dan Wudtke
Advanced Carnival Tickets Mary Kay Ghiglieri, Judi Jesse, & Rick Alden
Kiddie Games Rachel Lindberg
Toluca Treasure Hunt Monica Schumacher and Jessica Heath
Craft Show Allison Nenne
Cake Decorating Paula Nenne & Tanna Bohm

The Toluca Labor Day Future Committee would like to thank the many volunteers who contribute time and effort for this annual community event. We can all enjoy and be proud of what we accomplish each year in our wonderful small town. If you are interested in becoming more involved please talk to anyone listed above.